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Help us build the healthiest community in the Nation!

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We understand that building the healthiest community in the Nation is a BIG goal, but we believe rural healthcare should be every bit as innovative, compassionate and accessible as any other place in the world. In fact, we think it should be even more so!

When we discovered Grays Harbor County ranked the lowest of Washington state's 39 counties in Health Outcomes (length and quality of life), we committed our organization to addressing these challenges and have passionately embraced the guiding principles of the Triple Aim - focusing on improving the health status of our community, redefining the patient experience, and creating a system of efficient and effective healthcare spend. This commitment is demonstrated by many years of growth and development of healthcare services and programs, including expanded primary care, pharmacy, laboratory and radiology services, a new hospital in 2013, a new clinic in McCleary in 2016, and a new 60,000 square foot Wellness Center in 2019.

Donors to Summit Pacific Medical Foundation create hope, health and healing for our community and all those served by Summit Pacific Medical Center. Since its inception, the Foundation has supported the hospital district, providing funds to purchase state-of-the-art equipment, expand and improve facilities, patient and community education, nutrition support programs, support care for low-income patients and so much more.

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